How Strategic Distributed Marketing Benefits Businesses of All Types

Now that we’ve defined what distributed marketing is, let’s talk about why it matters to you. Distributed marketing allows you to extend your brand value to your local channel partners to increase sales and marketing ROI. Through the use of technology, processes and automation, you can unload the management burdens with these partners while gaining many advantages. Benefits of distributed marketing include a reduction in project management time and resources, convenient warehouse storage and streamlined marketing and billing processes.

Most of all, it enables businesses to grow awareness of their products and services by leveraging content and managing brand consistency through the audiences of your local channel partners, dealers, franchisees, branches, etc.

4 Distributed Marketing Benefits and Why They Matter 

1. Speed up distribution processes.

Distributed marketing solutions create a more efficient, streamlined, organized distribution system. As a result, your channel partners and the multiple locations of your business can obtain materials faster, create localized versions of materials and reach end-user audiences quicker and more efficiently. 

2. Ensure consistent branding and minimize human error. 

A primary benefit of distributed marketing is consistent branding, which is fundamental for brand growth, trust building and sales growth. By having one central hub that facilitates the creation and distribution of marketing materials to multiple channel partners, you can rest assured that the principal branding and messaging will remain the same – all while allowing for the creation of variations that are optimized for local use.

Without a distributed marketing solution, you’ll need to manually manage local channel partners’ efforts or risk the possibility that what they create won’t be aligned with your organizations brand messaging. This can be terribly slow and time consuming, and if they go it alone, the results will reflect poorly on your brand.

3. You always know where to go. 

By working with one central hub companywide, you always know where to go for materials. There’s no need for channel partners or managers at any of your locations to waste time managing multiple providers or searching for warehousing space. 

Additionally, good distributed marketing providers gain an intimate understanding of your organization’s needs and goals. This can provide a strategic advantage to improve upon the results of your marketing program without the need to find and hire this expertise in-house.

4. Reduce or eliminate the need for on-site storage space. 

On-site storage space can take up room that could be used for other purposes. You may even be paying extra in rent and utility costs to keep this storage area up and running.

Through warehouse and fulfillment services that can be integrated into a web-based ordering platform, you can take advantage of ready-to-go marketing materials and house products or request customized promotional products. Inventory management is integrated into comprehensive systems, allowing you to pick, pack and ship materials on demand to recipients around the world. 

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Justin Cassetty
Justin Cassetty

Senior Vice President of Business Development

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