Content Marketing

Michigan Manufacturer’s Association

Content Marketing Solution for the Michigan Manufacturers Association

Increase its active members from the previous year.

60% increase in average monthly website users compared to the previous year.


The Michigan Manufacturers Association (MMA) represents the interests and needs of nearly 1,700 member companies. These range from small manufacturers to the world’s largest and most well-known corporations. The organization needed a solution to help it effectively communicate its value to the industry and an extremely varied member base. The goal was to improve member retention and new member acquisition.


Our team began by analyzing the unique aspects of MMA’s membership. We also examined its current marketing “touch points,” communications and channels used with members and prospective members. To accomplish the goal, we developed a comprehensive content marketing solution using original industry content and focused on greater awareness.

  • Positioned MMA as a thought leader for the industry and the state’s top source for the latest industry information.
  • Broadened message from MMA’s current membership to the greater public.
  • Worked to fine-tune the MMA voice and improve quality of editorial content to appeal to a broader audience.
  • Reworked existing communications and crafted a tone and voice that conveyed strength, authority and authenticity.
  • Developed unique and engaging stories that celebrate and educate MMA’s existing members of every organization size and participation ability, adding value to the relationship and increasing retention.
  • Expanded distribution of this custom content by leveraging MMA’s media properties, both digital and traditional channels.


Our Authentic Marketing approach generated these transformative and sustainable results:

  • After eight months, increase in active members from previous year
  • 60% increase in average monthly website users compared to previous year
  • Added nearly 700 followers on LinkedIn, generating leads for personal follow-up and membership acquisition
  • 135% increase in social media referrals to the website compared to previous year
  • Manufacturers at all levels of organization size see tremendous value in educational content provided through their membership


“Your team’s engaging storytelling has helped us elevate and celebrate our members and the industry as a whole. We look forward to continuing – and expanding – our collaboration with you to broaden our reach and amplify our messaging.”

- Delaney McKinley, Vice President of Membership, Marketing & Events