Lead Nurturing

Northwood University

Creation of customized digital survey tool improves Northwood University's lead generation processes

Decreased time to follow-up from 3 months to 3 hours through a digital solution for capturing survey responses and contact info.


Northwood University excels in developing free-enterprise leaders who will drive global economic and social progress. The school’s outdated paper survey for prospective students created several challenges that included: 

  • Some students did not complete the survey.
  • Mailing survey results delayed outreach efforts and lost top-of-mind awareness.
  • Handwriting was difficult to decipher, and many fields were left incomplete.


Our team recommended the creation of a digital survey tool for prospective students to complete on their mobile phones. This approach would provide many solutions for the client:

  • Improve survey completion rate by students.
  • Better tracking for admissions representatives.
  • Generate more leads.
  • Provide complete data sets for future analyses for driving response.
  • Generate personalized communications between prospects and admissions. 


Our Authentic Marketing approach generated these transformative and sustainable results:

  • Data capture increased 40% while lead record legibility improved from 75% to 100%.
  • Increased insight into students with greater level of interest.
  • Improved ability to track the age/grade of students and their engagement earlier in the funnel.
  • Added ability to monitor the activity of the representatives to target highest priority schools.


Northwood University mobile survey and tracking dashboard
Presentation mobile survey and tracking dashboard


Marketing emails for Northwood University in Michigan
Automated communications track - email