Clients that have seen the difference

Quickly expanded program performance to six states in 30 days

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Millions of mail pieces produced annually under short turn times and strict deadlines with zero HIPAA violations

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Custom integration provides 24/7 access to automate job submission and manage production status

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33% increase in average retail sale

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A Proven Process and Record of Performance

Our proprietary, process-oriented approach allows us to deliver every job on time. Included in this process is our quality control system, which yielded zero HIPAA violations.

Data Security to Help You Sleep at Night

Protected Health Information (PHI) is an important aspect of the communications with members of a health insurance provider. With the increase in data breaches, keeping this data controlled and secure is vital to preventing HIPAA violations.

Our IT infrastructure and development team have implemented the technology, processes, training and documentation for us to obtain a SOC2 Type 2 Report. This third-party compliance audit assures that a certified CPA has reviewed our security infrastructure, policies and procedures.

Automation and Reporting

We've invested in building a proprietary application platform, called Inform247 — HITRUST Certified, to define the variables required to automate the print and mail production process. Our development team collaborates with our clients' internal data and process management applications to create custom software integration to ensure an accurate flow of information.

The integrated application automation will ingest projects, validate specifications and related artwork, display them on a dashboard as well as integrate our resources to track the progress though the production cycle.

Our clients have full access to pause or cancel projects through the dashboard and submit new art or direction as needed.

Project reports are generated from the production data including detailed activity logs that provide our clients an audit trail with time and date completion information to verify it reached the mail stream as required.

Success Stories

A national health insurance provider with millions of managed care members benefits from 12 years of no HIPAA violations.
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Technology leads to greater control and production data to provide critical audit trail to satisfy national insurance contracts.
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